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Jock Jams

Sports and music go together like a ballgame and a cold beer. The pre-game pump-up jams, the late-inning rally tunes, even the halftime marching band staples – music plays an undeniable role in any sporting contest for both the athletes and the spectators. (Speaking of which, here’s my favorite icebreaker: If you were a Major League Baseball player, what would your at-bat song be?)


Not sure what all the numbers and symbols really mean? No worry, we’re here to help you quantify your ride. CycleBar® has proprietary CycleStats® technology that measures the key metrics of your daily and historical performance, and emails you the results after each ride to help you track the progress of your fitness journey.


This spring, CycleBar is teaming up with March of Dimes across the nation to help fund lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. Our Director of Giving Michelle Hitchcock (she’s the one who helps organize and orchestrate all of our CycleGiving rides) has been personally touched by… Read more »

Ask CopyRider: March 2017 Edition

Ask CopyRider is an advice column for riders. Please send your queries, questions, dilemmas, conundrums, anxieties, obstacles, predicaments, and worriments to [email protected]

Listen to Your Heart

I took the liberty of combining the two into the perfect heart-shaped playlist with all your favorite V-Day references (romance, diamonds, candy) and more to get your blood pumping during your next workout.


My husband and I love each other—and competing with each other, so you would think that we’d love competing with each other at CycleBar. But as the parents of two small children, it’s tough to get to the studio together. In fact, we’d been riding independently at CycleBar for months before we finally experienced our first ride together.

Rider Spotlight: Marielena Mullings

This month, we’re featuring Marielena Mullings of our Fort Lee, New Jersey studio. Marielena recently took on 34 classes in 31 days(!) and lived to tell about it. Check out her inspiring story!


There’s good reason that the rally cry of CycleBar is Rock Your Ride. Music is the core of the brand and the heart of everything that we do. It drives the rhythm, sets the mood, and creates the experience. And just as every CycleStar® Instructor is different, each CycleStar Instructor creates his or her playlists differently. We caught up with Master Instructor Tevia Celli to learn the secrets of her masterful musical mixes.

New Year, New Tunes

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions; I prefer to think of them just as plain ol’ goals. So whatever your 2017 goals are—maybe it’s to try CycleBar® for the first time, or maybe you want to go from two rides a week to three—you’re going to need some inspiration.

CycleStar® Instructor Lisa Niren #Unclipped

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I say ditch the resolutions. To resolve means to find a solution to a problem. You are not a problem. The way you showed up for your life the last year was necessary for your growth. Think about it this way, we grow a lot like our muscles do. When pushed to our limits and torn open, we recover and grow stronger than we were before.

Keeping Good Intentions Alive in 2017

January first. It’s the infamous day where gyms become overloaded, holiday sweets are avoided like the plague and we all “commit to be fit” in the New Year. We’ve all done it: set the New Year’s resolution of working out more and eating healthier. But then life picks up again, schedules get busy, and what we were convinced would become our “new normal” gets thrown to the side and forgotten about like last year’s pair of jeans. So how do you make your New Year’s resolutions of living a healthier lifestyle stick like chia seeds in your teeth?

Rider Spotlight: Aggie Schmidt

Aggie Schmidt, an admitted cynic, reluctantly decided to give CycleBar a try when her aunt invited her for a ride. After just one ride, Aggie was a convert! She has been riding 3 to 5 times every week since CycleBar Hilton Head opened and has already lost 20 pounds. We grabbed Aggie to answer a few of our burning questions:

Sounds of the Season

To celebrate the season, I threw together some, uh, festive tunes for your holiday CycleBar® rides. By festive, I don’t mean a workout playlist with songs about Christmas or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or even New Year’s Eve. Instead, it’s a workout playlist full of (Sleigh and Broken) Bells, Joy (both the Vance and Formidable kind), all kinds of Snow and Holidays, Candles and a healthy dose of Winter.

Ask CopyRider: December 2016

Ask CopyRider is an advice column for riders. Please send your queries, questions, dilemmas, conundrums, anxieties, obstacles, predicaments, and worriments to [email protected]

7 Reasons That’ll Convince Your Friend to Try CycleBar

An hour in the studio is a super-fun way to get an incredible workout, and it’s so much more enjoyable when your friends come along for the ride. If you’ve ever invited a friend to CycleBar for the first time, you know that the hardest part is convincing your pal to join you in the first place!