We’ve turned up the volume on the indoor cycling experience. CycleBar unites you with riders of all ages and fitness levels by creating an unparalleled multisensory, intoxicating journey. Led by engaging, high-energy CycleStars and fueled by incredible playlists in our state-of-the-art Rhythm Room, CycleBar delivers far beyond a great cardio fitness workout.  Our studios and staff are entirely dedicated to creating a fun, dynamic and effective indoor cycling experience for you. We’ll help you lose yourself in a rockin’ 50-minute ride so you can coast all day on your CycleBar high.

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CycleBar will be coming to an area near you soon... For the latest updates, news and store openings, sign up below.  So get ready. We’re coming soon. And we’re gonna rock your ride!


Intoxicating Ride

We know you are busy. We know that you need your workout to deliver a lot in a short amount of time. That’s why CycleBar has invested heavily in creating a unique indoor cycling experience with no membership necessary. Easy online booking lets you purchase class packages and reserve a specific bike up to a week in advance. Amenities include free towels, showers, lockers, shoes and much more.  When you enter the double doors into the state-of-the-art, tiered Rhythm Room, your favorite bike awaits. As the lights dim and your CycleStar instructor pumps up the volume, you are led on a mind-blowing, heart-pounding, multisensory ride like none other. Fifty minutes later you emerge: intoxicated and charged up, ready to take on the day.

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Are you a star? Are you already leading indoor cycling classes and blowing people’s minds with your charisma and high-energy playlists? Or maybe you’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity to audition to be a CycleStar. CycleBar knows that riders follow great talent and we are ready to pay you what you are worth and treat you like the CycleStar that you are. We are auditioning talented instructors soon so sign up now to be first to learn more.

Calling all riders! CycleBar knows that whether you are an indoor cycling pro or entirely new to the experience, this is the ride for you. Sign-up now to receive announcements on CycleBar Blast and our Grand Opening this Fall. You can receive up to two free rides plus learn more about our BackStage Pass and VIP programs. Get ready to rock your ride.